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Driving growth is crucial to the success of your business. But with so many moving parts to manage, it can be challenging to identify and implement the strategies that will drive the results you need. That's where I come in.

I help B2B companies and marketplace startups fix their growth-related challenges. If growth is stalled, I help diagnose where the problems lie and put a plan in place to fix them.

When growth is thriving, I support leaders in creating an expansion strategy to successfully move into new markets and product categories. I also support founders as they grasp the reality that the mindsets and behaviors that have got them to this peak will need to change to reach the next one.


Vision & Purpose

A clearly defined vision and purpose is critical to get your team rowing in the same direction and fostering customer loyalty. I help you establish a framework for decision-making and align your employees' efforts toward common goals.


Pricing & Positioning

I analyze market trends and consumer behavior and combine my deep understanding of the psychology of perceived value to design pricing strategies that satisfy both your customers' need for affordability and your business' profitability objectives.


Brand Strategy

I help define what your brand is and what it isn’t so you can have a differentiated position in today’s crowded market. I work with you to hone your brand identity and build emotional connections with customers through storytelling, engaging content, and well designed experiences.


Content Strategy & Storytelling

I help you gain trust and credibility with your customers by crafting compelling stories and coherent narratives across various channels which enables authentic relationship building.

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Lead Generation

Attracting and converting leads is the lifeblood of your business. I'll work with you to understand your customer's journey and identify any problems in your existing funnel. Additionally, I can help you explore new marketing channels such as paid and organic search, content marketing, and paid advertising.


Customer Insights

Deeply understanding your customers is crucial for driving growth. I use design research techniques pioneered by IDEO to uncover valuable insights on customer needs, behaviors, and pain points. that inform new products and services.

Coe Leta Stafford, Partner, IDEO


“Danoosh has a special ability to envision the big picture while also fearlessly rolling up his sleeves to get things done in the here and now. His deep expertise in business development and strategy enables him to quickly assess needs, synthesize insights and articulate steps forward. As a leader, Danoosh grounds himself in purpose-driven work and impact, which enables him to effortlessly lead teams into the unknown – navigating ambiguous moments with a calm confidence and deep human-centered empathy. He is the consummate professional with a strong work ethic, yet he also brings a refreshing blend of storytelling, humor and optimism to his work which is why I (and everyone on our team) loved working with him.” 

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