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I'm Danoosh, your guide to navigating the transformative world of generative AI. With a career spanning the realms of engineering, business, and design over the past 15 years, I offer a unique perspective poised to help you navigate the disruptions and opportunities presented by AI.

Engineering Mindset

My journey began with Industrial & Systems Engineering, where I honed my abilities to solve intricate problems, optimize processes, and understand how different components interact within a system. This instilled in me a systems-thinking mindset, crucial in today's interconnected world.


Design Led Empathy 

Transitioning from engineering to the worlds of business and design, I refined my Visual Thinking and Design Thinking skills at leading design consulting firms, IDEO and XPLANE. I learned to build products and services that truly resonate with users.


Business Impact

My business acumen was sharpened through real-world experiences, playing pivotal roles in building and scaling General Assembly an ed-tech startup that was later acquired for a staggering $413M, launching IDEO U's rapidly growing online learning platform, and leading the turnaround of XPLANE. These experiences sharpened my skills in sales, marketing, and strategy, reinforcing the symbiotic relationship between business, technology, and design.


Embracing AI

My fascination with AI began in early 2023, becoming an integral part of my life and work. Whether refining ideas, enhancing communication, automating business processes, or developing complex business strategies, I've successfully applied AI to personal projects and have guided numerous entrepreneurs in integrating AI into their businesses.


Navigating a Future with AI

As we stand on the precipice of an era defined by AI, I bring a unique blend of engineering efficiency, design empathy, and business strategy to the table. My comprehensive experience allows me to understand and traverse the gaps between these fields, providing a holistic approach to leveraging generative AI.

Join me as we navigate this exciting future together, using AI to boost your productivity and unleash your creativity. In this rapidly evolving landscape, adaptability and a broad range of knowledge are paramount. As your guide, I will bring my skills, experience, networks, and passion to help you make sense of this wave of disruptive innovation and create a meaningful impact in your life and work.

Outside Of Work

When I'm not busy being a dad to my two young boys, I like to spend my free time feeding my curiosity and passions. I enjoy San Francisco on my bike ride, cooking extravagant meals for my family and friends, and lazy Sundays at our neighborhood farmer’s market. My curiosity and love for design extend beyond my work. I’m often found pouring over old copies of Monocle magazine or Graphics Standards Manuals. I'm an avid reader, traveler, and I am always up kicking around ideas with interesting people over a coffee. I'm dedicated to my own lifelong learning and increasing access to quality education for all. I look forward to bringing my skills and network to companies that have the potential to make a meaningful difference in our lives.

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