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Build Your AI Strategy

In today's ever-changing business world, AI is less of an option; it's the defining edge. How can you harness AI to leapfrog competitors, not just catch up? My 2-day strategy session is your answer.

Imagine stepping into the future of your business, propelled by the limitless potential of AI. Think of it not as an expense, but a ticket to a brighter, AI-driven tomorrow for your company

Pre-Session Insights Gathering:

I’ll get up to speed on what’s happening ahead of time, ensuring our time together is spent on strategy, not backstory.

Day 1: Let's Decode AI

  • AI Uncovered (1 hour): Let's demystify AI together, ensuring everyone's on the same exciting page.

  • AI Today (2 hours): We'll journey through the present AI world, breaking down the buzzwords and tools.

  • Strategic Exploration & AI Integration (2 hours): Reflect on current goals, identify pain points, and unearth AI integration spots that accelerate growth.

  • Alignment Huddle (1 hour): Ensuring that every voice is heard, and every vision is aligned.

Day 2: From Ideas to Action

  • AI Future Visioning (1.5 hours): Imagine what the next 5 years looks like for your business with AI integrated into its core. How will products change, business models evolve, employee roles be impacted?

  • Blueprinting the AI Game Plan (2 hours): Craft a defensible strategy into actionable experiments and project plans.

  • Clear Delegation & Action Planning (1.5 hours): Who does what, when, and how?

  • Forward Bound (1 hour): Depart not just with insights, but with a game-changing action plan.

What You Walk Away With:

  • Embrace an AI-first transformative mindset.

  • Crystal-clear alignment of AI with your unique business objectives.

  • A ready-to-roll-out AI action plan.

  • Clarity on roles and experiments.

  • A united executive team, eyes set on a brilliant AI-amped future.

Fine Prints that Matter:

  • Customized Experience: Tailored for up to 8 executive participants.

  • Flexible Delivery: Sessions conducted on your preferred platform. We can do it over 2-days or shorter sessions over a week

  • Client Collaboration: For utmost customization, insights about your business, strategies, and vision would be pivotal. I'll need you to share documents ahead of time as well as have the ability to interview key stakeholders.

  • Prior Preparation: 2 weeks' lead time ensures a laser-focused session, catered exclusively for your business.

Booking and Payment:

Full payment upfront to lock in transformative insights and action-packed dates.

Price: $10,000

It's not just about understanding AI; it's about revolutionizing your business with it. Ready to lead the pack? Let's chart the future, together.

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