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Level Up Your Business 

Get way more done, in less time, with greater precision using ChatGPT Plus!


About This Class

This is for you:

If your workdays vanish into digital voids rather than meaningful client interactions or cherished personal time, this workshop is for you. Imagine gaining 3+ hours back every week? What would you do with that extra time? Grow your client base, deepen relationships, unwind at the park?


Join me as we cut through the AI hype. We will focus on the powerful capabilities of GPT-4 and an edited set of essential AI tools that’ll help you elevate your practice. Learn to embrace AI as your ally. Future-proof yourself by diving into how these tools are designed to augment your unique expertise. You'll move from overwhelmed to excited and leave ready to embrace the exciting potential of AI’s power to supercharge your business.

Hands-on Workshop Details:

Price: $80 (early bird pricing)

*Bring a Friend, Both Save $20!

Email: if you bring a friend and I'll get you set up. 


Thursday, June 20th, 2024. 10 AM PST​

Where: Online, hosted on Zoom

Limited to 20 seats for an intimate, interactive experience. 

By Effectively Learning To Leverage GPT-4 You'll:


Save Time

Use Chat GPT Plus to speed through time-sucking yet crucial tasks like agenda planning, taking meeting notes, synthesizing insights, reviewing contracts and analyzing data.


Earn More

Attract clients with top-notch content and quick proposals. Watch your revenue grow because you actually shipped the blog post or got the proposal done out the next day, not the next week.


Sharpen Your Communications

Communicate that complex insight in a nuanced way and stick the landing. Sharpen your messaging-- from proposals to client communications to blog posts all with AI’s help. Say what you mean more effectively than ever.


Learn Crucial AI Skills

Learn AI-first thinking, craft effective prompts and use AI safely and ethically. These skills not only future-proof your practice, but secure your place at the forefront of the AI revolution. 


Stand Out

Be the one with innovative solutions. AI will run 100 iterations of your idea and give your feedback on your work ensuring you’ll shine in front of your clients.


No Risk

Follow the steps, show me you’ve taken action and if you aren’t saving 3+ hours a week, you get your money back. Yes, I’m that confident.


This is an entry level workshop, so no prior knowledge is necessary.

I’ll send a prep email with workshop materials and the Google Meets link.

A recording will be shared via email after filling out our in-class survey.​


Tools Required:

Chat GPT Plus Subscription: To fully benefit from this workshop, a Chat GPT Plus subscription ($20/month) activated prior to the workshop is necessary. With its multi-modal capabilities and enhanced intelligence, it far surpasses the free version, ensuring you maximize the value of your investment.


​Can't Make It Live? No worries! Register to access the workshop recording and materials at your convenience. You won't miss a thing.

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I'm Danoosh, a Growth Strategist who turns revenue obstacles into scaling victories for rapidly growing companies. Harnessing GPT-4 and AI, I've supercharged my own workflow. Now, I'm here to pass along what I’ve learned to other coaches, consultants and freelancers to master these tools, positioning you ride the AI wave and not get engulfed by it. Join me to unlock the mindsets and tactics that have transformed my approach and can elevate your practice too.

Meet Your Instructor: Danoosh Kapadia


Functionality You Will Love

  • How does the money-back guarantee work?

If you can show that you’ve, upgraded to ChatGPT Plus, really applied the strategies taught from the workshop and don't find yourself saving at least 3 hours a week, just let me know. I’ll refund your full payment, no questions asked.

  • I'm worried about privacy and data security with AI tools. Should I be?

I understand your concerns. In the workshop, we'll cover how to use AI tools safely and responsibly, ensuring your data—and your clients' data—remains secure.

  • What if I can't attend the live session?

No problem! Register anyway, and you'll receive access to the workshop recording and all the materials. Learn at your pace and on your schedule.

  • $100 seems expensive for a 90-minute workshop. How do I know it's worth it?

Consider the ROI: if you could reclaim 3+ hours every week (that’s over $300 a week saved or an extra Costco run! Not only that, enhance your services, and potentially attract more clients, the workshop could pay for itself many times over. Plus, there's a money-back guarantee.

  • How interactive is the workshop?

Very! With attendance capped at 30, there's ample opportunity for questions, live demonstrations, and personalized advice. It's a hands-on learning experience.

  • How soon after the workshop will I see results?

Many participants start seeing improvements in their workflow and creative output within about 2 weeks of using GPT-4 daily and structuring prompts

  • Why should I choose this workshop over others?

This workshop is uniquely focused on the needs of coaches, consultants and freelancers, blending fist hand experience with practical AI applications. I’ve personally spent hours integrating these tools into my workflows and sharing what I’ve learned.

 Claudia Fulga

“I didn’t know Danoosh, but his workshop opened my eyes to the possibilities AI can have. It was energizing, intriguing, and an overall great session that I will happily attend again.”
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